A Deeper Groove Recordings

A Deeper Groove Recordings

After releasing 3 e.p.’s on Glasgow’s Twitchywu music, Steph & Joc O’Connor decided to start their own label.

In January 2012 A Deeper Groove Recordings began.

This site is the new home for all A Deeper Groove productions and music news.

The first release, in January 2012, was the 1965 E.P. It received airplay from some of the finest underground DJs on the planet…people like Andy Ward, Rainer Truby, Hippie Torrales,  Fabrizio Marra, Roland Appel, The Revenge, Brazilian Soul Crew, Alex Dimitri, Qmusse and many more.

The next outing, scheduled for release in April 2012, is the Contact E.P.  Here the boys let their passion for deep underground house music shine through on both tracks. ‘Contact’ is a deep synth and percussion led track whilst the deep chords and thumping bass in ‘Trick or Treat’ really drive the track on….late night grooves for late night people.