1965 E.P

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1965 E.P

The first release from A Deeper Groove on their own self titled label.

Late night deep house with hypnotic synths, tough beats and deep sub bass.

DJ Reactions
Rainer Truby – “A Deeper Groove – 1965 (Original Mix) this one is gliding smoothly…nice one! 9/10”

Andy Ward – “Pushing things forward with an old skool flavour… A Deeper Groove soldier on !!

Love these two cuts… hard to choose a favourite 8/10”

Graeme The Revenge Clark “Sausage Fingers for me lads … Merci. 8/10”

Alexander Lay-far – “A very good release! support from Moscow! 9/10”

Hippie Torrales – “Nice deep bubbly grooves 8/10”

Fabrizio Marra – “deepppp love it 1965 work for me……really nice and vocals are appropriate…..support it 7/10″

Craig Bartlett (Lamerica) – ” 1965 love this 9/10″

Martyn Mash Henderson – “A quality debut release that I will be supporting on Capital and in the clubs. Good work 9/10”

Roland Appel – “both tunes are good, I think sausage is my fave.. will definitly support this.. thx a lot 8/10”

Murray Richardson (rebel waltz) “1965 sounding cool, liking this one and will play for sure / sausage fingers is a nice groove too – great first release! 10/10”

Peter Oakden (soulfree records) “Nice one. Sausage Fingers is the one for me, its a chugger 7/10”

Brazilian Soul Crew – “1965 a very nice and smooth groove 8/10”

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